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Residential Improvement Info

Covenant Enforcement
  • All covenant issues are managed by Highlands Ranch Community Association.   
  • To report covenant concerns please contact Brenda Owings or call 303-471-8832. All information will remain confidential. 
Residential Improvement Submittal Guidelines
  • All Residential Improvement submissions are first submitted to the HRCA using their forms and then forwarded to the HRGCA Property Manager for review by the HRGCA ARC Committee.  Detailed information and submittal forms are located at the HRCA website. Changes to the exterior of your property, no matter how small, must be submitted for approval. 
  • The review process may take at least 30 days and approval must be received from both the HRCA and the Highlands Ranch Golf Club ARC Committees before any work may start.  
  • One Submittal Form should be completed and turned in first to the HRCA and then they will forward the submittal to the Highlands Ranch Golf Club ARC Committee. No work should be started until approval has been obtained from both committees. It is important that all paperwork is completed accurately and drawings and paint samples are included with your HRCA/HRGCA submittal in order for the approval process to be completed in a timely manner.
Appeal Process Outline
If a homeowner wishes to appeal the decision of the Highlands Ranch Golf Club ARC Committee please review the steps detailed in the Outline.  If you have additional questions please contact Brenda Owings or at 303-471-8832
Paint Submittal Policy
APaint Submittal Policy by the HRGCA BOD applies to all single family HOA members. Please read all the information for both the HRCA and the HRGCA carefully to ensure taking the correct steps to submit the paperwork for your improvements. 
Fence Maintenance Policy
A modification to provide more clarity on maintenance responsibilities for both wood and iron fencing in the community is now being developed.  Details will be coming soon.

In the meantime please review the Iron Fence Maintenance Tips Document provided by the HRGCA ARC Committee to assist you in keeping it in good condition.  A policy for wood fence will be coming soon.
Steps For Residential Improvement Submittals
1 Please review the HRCA Community Declaration and the Residential Improvement Guidelines and Site Restrictions (RIGs) which are available at the HRCA website.  
2 Please review the Golf Club HOA (HRGCA) - Residential Design Guidelines (modfied 6/25/2012) which are applicable to the HRGCA community. The HRGCA HOA places a high priority in maintaining views for all homeowners in the community.  If you are submitting for paint you must review the recently adopted Paint Submittal Policy.  Any deviation from the Policy will result in a delay in a timely decision from the HRGCA ARC Committee.
3 Only one HRCA/HRGCA submittal is required and the forms are located at the HRCA website. It should be sent to the HRCA. After the HRCA/HRGCA submittal has been approved then it will then be forwarded to the Highlands Ranch Golf Club's Architectural Committee. After reviewing the information, print the appropriate HRCA/HRGCA submittal forms, complete and forward to the HRCA.
4 The HRCA Architectural Committee meets the first and third Tuesday of each month to review residential improvements submitted by residents. HRCA/HRGCA submittals must be turned in to the Covenant Compliance & Assistance Department at 9568 University Blvd. Highlands Ranch. Colorado before noon the Friday before the meeting in order to be considered. Any HRCA/HRGCA submittal, received after noon on Friday, will not be reviewed until the next meeting. A letter stating the decision from the HRCA ARC Committee will be mailed to the homeowner after the meeting.
5 Only after the HRCA/HRGCA submittal has been approved by the HRCA is it forwarded to the Highlands Ranch Golf Club ARC Committee. The HRGCA ARC Committee meets the fourth Tuesday of each month to review submittals that have been approved by the HRCA. A letter stating the decision from the HRGCA ARC Committee will be mailed to the homeowner after the meeting
Residential Improvement Guidelines and Forms
For more information contact 303-471-8821 or 303-471-8832 or email Brenda Owings.